Vision Edina Data Visualization Platform

Welcome to the Vision Edina survey data
visualization platform

This platform gives access to the data gathered during the community engagement phase of the Vision Edina project, including the results from nearly 600 resident and stakeholder surveys, collected between September and December 2015.

On this site you are able to manipulate and filter each of the graphs and plots by combinations of the four respondent profile categories, including age, gender, area of residence, and length of time living in Edina. We invite all visitors to explore the data listed under the primary content tabs.

The visualization platform also contains downloadable research and action planning reports completed as part of the Vision Edina initiative. The results presented here speak both to the pride evident in residents of the City of Edina as well as prospective directions for future growth.

For more information, and to engage in further discussion regarding the Draft Strategic Vision and Framework for the City of Edina, please Click Here.